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Our company was formally established in 1959 as Sakamura Machinery Co., Ltd. However, the company first came into being in 1947 when the founder, Yoshikazu Sakamura, started his business as a wire processing machine manufacturer in Osaka.
Currently, in Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun, Kyoto, also known as "the cradle of manufacturing", we continue to study and make advances in the world of former manufacturing, while simultaneously tracking and responding to recent, major trends such as the conversion toward electronic vehicles and carbon neutrality.

Sakamura's philosophy of "customer first" remains the pillar which undergirds all our efforts.
We strive to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, provide high quality parts production capability, enhance the visualization and management of production information, and much more.
Sakamura machines are designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ every individual need and create exceptional value by doing so. This is the image and legacy we endeavor to maintain.

By holding tenaciously to the management philosophy of "Customer First” in the pursuit of the No. 1 performance in forging technology and services, we make it our mission to strive to become a business who always stand by our customers. Sakamura will continue to work together as one unified company.

Sakamura Machine Co., Ltd.
President Jun Kobayashi, President