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In 1947, our company was established by Yoshikazu Sakamura in the Osaka area as a processing machine maker, and in 1959, Sakamura Machine Company was founded.
Since then, we have been processing formers and thread rolling machines.
Since our establishment, we have opened several branches to satisfy different regions and demands. Today, the Sakamura group has 11 branches that continue to grow.
The trust we receive from our customers starts with the “Sakamura” brand.
It is our philosophy to provide our customers with the most advanced forging technology available in the industry, while also providing them with the best customer service possible.
We are always thinking of ways to gain our customers trust, in order to sustain business and help our company continue to develop. We can achieve this by building trust between our employees, subcontractors, and the community.
We will continue to work hard in order to gain the trust of everyone.

Sakamura Machine Co., Ltd.
President Takayuki Nakano, President