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President Inaugural Address

I trust your business is doing well, and thank you for your continuous support.
I am pleased to inform you that I have taken a new position as president of Sakamura Machine Co., Ltd. as of October 01, 2022.

Sakamura Machine was established in 1959 by Yoshikazu Sakamura. Since 1999, the previous president, Takayuki Nakano, has inherited the founder’s philosophy, and has been striving for the company’s growth and success. Thank you very much for your long time patronage of our company.

I would like to ask you to provide your continuous warm support and advice.
In return, I will do my best to contribute to the further development of the company, while faithfully maintaining the management philosophy I inherited from my predecessors. “We will devote ourselves to the principal of putting the customer first, while pursuing the world’s foremost forging technology and service”.

Sakamura Machine Co., Ltd.
President Jun Kobayashi, President