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Typical Case Examples

Are there any issues with your current formers?
At Sakamura, we repair, remodel, and overhaul to fit our customers’ needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For example, this kind of modification is possible.

● I want to improve our work.

→ Please refer to the submenu (Improve Operation).
  • •I want to simplify the positioning of the straightening roll.
  • •I want to rewind once straightened material into a coil.
  • •I want to make the feed roll change easier.

● I want to stabilize operation.

→ Please refer to the submenu (Stable Operation).
  • •I want to prevent small parts from shooting out.
  • •I want to increase the force of the chuck’s grip.
  • •I want to cool down the punch and die during operation.

● I want to enhance safety.

→ Please refer to the submenu (Enhanced Safety).
  • •I want to detect damage in the punch.
  • •I want to ensure that workers are safe during test runs.
  • •I want a stable platform in the forging section.

● I want to make a variety of more products.

→ Please refer to the submenu (Application Expansion).
  • •I want to be the forerunner in manufacturing accurate, complex products.
  • •I want to increase the forging range by using a wider open chuck that can clear the punch with a large diameter.

● I want to improve durability.

→ Please refer to the submenu (Improvement in Durability).
  • •I want to increase the durability of the wedge plate on ram slide.