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Sakamura Special Rolling

SSR series

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • The SSR series’ rotary rolling prides itself with its high performance thread rolling that has achieved a record of delivering over 1500 units.
    Two features of the SSR series is the easy setup and the high rate of production. In addition, thread accuracy is more precise than the flat die model, making it suitable for a wide variety of production.
    When combined with different options, a wide range of screws can be made and a special rolling process can be performed.
  • Model Thread diameter
    Rolling Force
    Die Pocket Depth
    Main Spindle Speed
    Blank Length
    SSR-30 4~10 64 80 45~90 2d~80
    SSR-50D 10~16 147 80 30~60 2d~150
    SSR-70 12~22 157 75 20~40 2d~150
    SSR-100D 16~30 225 90 20~35 2d~250
    SSR-120 24~36 402 110 20~30 2d~300
    ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.