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Transporting a Molded Blank
Parts that are formed by the punch and die in the former are called blanks.
When the die and the punch “transcribe the shape” of the material, the KO system begins to operate, and the KO pin kicks out the blank from inside the die.
A transfer system is set into motion when the KO pin kicks out the blank from inside of the die and transfers it to the next stage.
In a multi-stage press machine, the transfer of a blank is often done in a separate unit from the machine. However, in a former, the transfer device is built within it.
The blanks that are kicked out to the front of the die surface are held in the chuck finger, which is established by the transfer unit, before being transferred one by one to the next stage.

The transfer chuck transports the blank to the next stage at the same time that the punch moves forward, and the tools form the blank again. The KO pin again kicks out the blank, and the transfer chuck carries it to the next stage. By repeating this process over and over, formers can create complex shaped products.
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