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Remote Monitoring Using a VPN
The condition of factory equipment can be monitored from headquarters, and by checking for signs of abnormalities, scheduled maintenance of machines can be implemented.
By performing proper maintenance, the life of machines and equipment can be extended. The occurrence of sudden machine shutdowns can also be reduced.
  1. With the MONITOUCH, PLC monitoring of several units (connected to Ethernet (LAN)) is possible.
  2. Even if various PLC are in use, MONITOUCH can observe them at the same time, and a diagnosis can be made.
  3. It is possible to display the network camera’s image. The entire line can also be monitored.
  4. Through the VPN, you can connect to the MONITOUCH from a personal computer in a remote location. Even from a remote location, it is possible to complete your work.
    VPN=Virtual Private Network
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