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A Remote System That Uses VNC
VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is remote desktop software that can control a different computer’s screen (that is connected to the same network).
Using this software, you can check and operate a touch panel screen from a remote location.
With VNC, only the information on the screen is transferred. Therefore, it works with different operating systems such as Windows and MacOS.
VNC is divided into server software (“operation side”) and viewer software (“operator side”).
How to Operate the Touch Panel Screen
  • [Requirements]
    • The “operator side” (PC or tablet) and the “operation side” (touch panel) must be on the same LAN.
    • The “operator side” needs to install the viewer software, and the “operation side” needs to install the server software.
  • [Required Setup]
    1. Run the VNC software for both the touch panel and the PC (tablet).
    2. Input the touch panel’s IP address on the PC and connect.
    Technology Information: