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Super Nut
・Normally the punch holder is fit together by a nut, but in the case of larger machines, tightening and loosening this nut with a 2m torque wrench requires a great amount of force. Also, if there is even a slight error in the thickness of punch holders A and B, it won’t fit together completely as in Fig.1.
・Furthermore, as a result of the application of adjustment bolt C without loosening nut A because of the heavy force required, in practice the adjustment of bolt B becomes complicated and often becomes misaligned. (Fig.2)
To solve the problem described above, Sakamura is developing the Super Nut.
・When centering the punch in Figure A, loosen bolts a,b,c,d a little and adjust the position of the punch case horizontally with the adjustment screw. Once the punch position is adjusted, just retighten the bolts. Normally it can be completed in 60 minutes with 1 degree of torque.
・Also, on big machines even tightening the super nut requires great force so many hydraulic super nuts are also used.