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Understanding Forging Loads by Using a Load Wave Monitor (LWM)
・The forging load that is applied to the tooling is displayed in a waveform, even during setup. The LWM is effective in preventing damage to expensive tooling in large formers and for slight adjustments.
・In addition to the waveform display, it can also output peak overloads and forging history.
・Each value for fault settings and good product waveforms can be recorded for 512 different products.
・Automatic changes are made by simply calling the settings for each product that is produced. Therefore, human errors are prevented and changeovers can occur more quickly.
・Various functions such as superimposed displays, average comparisons, and range split comparisons provide detailed waveform comparisons.
・It supports low lag time for machine and tooling temperature changes. It also prevents resetting values several times a day, which can lead to a decline in productivity.