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Improvements of the Punch’s Front/Back Adjustment Structure (Determines Part Dimensions)
Before Modifications (Fig.1)
・Before modifications were made, stud bolts were damaged due to the 10° angle of the wedge taper.
・The wedge was an open type, which allowed for chips to be caught in the area that receives the force of impact.

After Modifications (Fig.2)
・The taper angle of the wedge after modifications is 7°.
・By adding the wedge back plate, the durability of the area that receives the force of impact (ram side) is improved, and accuracy can be maintained for a longer period of time.
・By installing the top plate, foreign debris is prevented from embedding into the wedge.
・By cutting the ram front plate, it can be changed without removing the wedge.
・By removing the wedge partition on the ram side, the area that receives the force of impact has expanded and the load tolerance for the first station has increased. In addition, the accuracy of irregular-shaped parts has increased. (Fig.3)