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Chuck external centering jig
・The dimensions of the center L1 between the chuck and the die block will change as a result of factors such as wear on the top of the die block and wear on the bottom of the chuck from many years of use.
・Traditional chuck external centering jigs (centering gauges) are manufactured with a fixed center L2.
・With the dimensional changes of L1, since L2 is fixed, when centering the chuck finger with the centering jig L2 gradually becomes less suitable for L1. This can have impacts like scratches on the forged products and it can take more time to adjust the centering. In this case it is necessary to align L2 for the changed center L1, but this can be done easily if an adjustable centering jig (Fig.3) is used.
・On an adjustable centering jig, the position of the fixed bolt for the inserted gauge pin can be adjusted.
・After the center L1 in the machine is transferred to the centering gauge, the center of the centering jig is adjusted to align with the center of the centering gauge. (A new centering jig is required.)