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We will respond to your requests by using remote access from a computer!
Normally, an electrical engineer will diagnose a circuit issue or modify panel data by using a computer that is directly connected to a PLC or touch panel.
However, if an electrician is unable to travel or if a customer is overseas, the same work can be performed as if they were on-site. This is possible by connecting a computer to your device. Once the remote software is launched, your computer can be accessed remotely through the internet.
This is especially effective for making detailed additions or changes during the initial startup of a new former.
How to Use the Remote System

  • [Items Necessary for Preparation]
    • PLC or Touch Panel and communication cable
    • A computer that has access to the Internet
  • [Computer Requirements]
    • Windows platform
    • Installed software that corresponds to the PLC/Touch Panel that is being used
    • Installed remote software
  • [Setup]
    1. Connect the equipment to the computer by using the communication cable.
    2. Run the remote software.
    3. Contact us for the ID and password.
    This is all the setup that is necessary.
    The electrician at headquarters will input the ID and password. This will then connect the two computers.
    By accessing the user’s computer through remote access, consultations, additions, etc. are possible.
    Technology Information: